Wellbeing Coaching

A fresh approach to addressing work / life stressors, and finding greater peace and wellbeing.

Amplified Life's Wellbeing Coaching Program

What sets Amplified Life apart in its ability to provide Wellbeing Coaching? 

Amplified Life principals' developed one of the first web-supported coaching platforms (CrisisCoach) for UnitedHealthcare, owned and operated ILCT, the leading provider of coach training for therapists, assisted the NBCC in setting its training standards for coaches, is published on the subject of Coaching in Counseling Today, and serves as a leading provider of coaching services to individuals and employers throughout West Michigan.

How Does Coaching Compare to Counseling?

Wellbeing Coaching is similar to Clinical Counseling in that it involves a secure, supportive and confidential relationship between the coach and the client for the purpose of helping the client achieve desired, wellbeing objectives. Coaching is different from Clinical Counseling in that it does not involve a mental health assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan or engagement of any kind with health insurance companies.

Who Uses Coaching?

Everyone. Wellbeing Coaching is often used by employers, business leaders, first responders, parents, spouses, young adults and just about any adult intersted in getting practical help and guidance. Issues commonly addressed include job stress, relational stress, financial stress, career develolpment, etc. Amplified Life's Wellbeing Coaching is provided by qualified professionals who are trained by Amplified Life in Wellbeing Coaching and supervised by Amplified Life's Clinical Director.

Wellbeing Coaching FAQs

How is Amplified Life’s Wellbeing Coaching different from Counseling?

Our Wellbeing Coaching Services are distinctly different from our Clinical Counseling services in a number of ways consistent with practice standards outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  To begin with, clients complete a Wellbeing Coaching Agreement rather than a Consent for Cousneling services.

How else is Coaching different from Counseling?

Wellbeing Coaches do not conduct clinical assessments, assign codes used by insurance companies, diagnose, or write clinical treatment plans.

How long is a Wellbeing Coaching session?

Unlike counseling sessions Wellbeing Coaching sessions may extend beyond an hour based on the availability of the coach and the client.

Can Wellbeing Coaching Services be provided via telehealth as well as in the office?

Yes, Wellbeing Coaching is often provided via telehealth and may also be provided in the office. 

What kind of training and experience do your Wellbeing Coaches have?

All of Amplified Life’s Wellbeing Coaches have completed Amplified Life's proprietary training in Wellbeing Coaching practices and standards. This training incorporates the 11 Core Competencies established by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

How much does Wellbeing Coaching cost?  

Our standard rate for 1 hour of Wellbeing Coaching Service is $195. Sliding fee scale rates based on financial need are also available. We are here to serve and are committed to helping our cleints overcome any financial barriers that might otherwise limit acces to support. So if you would like to access services and are concerned about cost, please call us and let us help.

Can I submit my Wellbeing Coaching fees to my insurance company?

Wellbeing Coaching services are provided on a private-pay, out of pocket basis and are NOT reimbursable under health insurance and HSA plans. 

Will I receive a Good Faith Estimate on how much Wellbeing Coaching Services might cost me? 

Yes, our Good Faith Estimates generally outline the cost you can expect to incur over the course of 12 sessions. Good Faith Estimates will be adjusted to reflect additional, expected fees in situations where services extend beyond 12 hours

How long has Amplified Life been providing Wellbeing Coaching services?  

Amplified Life has been providing distinct, Wellbeing Coaching Services to its clients for 10 years.

Is Wellbeing Coaching appropriate for someone experiencing a high level of acute psychological distress?

Wellbeing Coaching Services are not for everyone.  Individuals experiencing a high level of acute psychological distress, anxiety, depression, and / or marked disturbances in behavior and cognition will be best served through clinical counseling services.

Can I transition from Wellbeing Coaching to Clinical Counseling and maintain continuity of care so I don’t have  to start all over again with another professional?

Yes.  If / when you would like to transition into clinical counseling, your Wellbeing Coach will help you transition into Clinical Counseling services at Amplified Life Network.

Ready to Get Started?

Call our Care Team today at 616-499-4711 and let them know you would like to register for Wellbeing Coaching services.